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Aaron J Clarke
Epiphany of Life
This clever debut novel by Aaron J Clarke, a book within a book, plays on perceptions of reality and identity and the possibilities of ... ( more..)
Alan Cooper
Dead Greedy
Brian Smith is a crook, but strictly small-time, careful, clean. A safe man in every sense.
Until he gets greedy and can't resist the big one. ... ( more..)
Alan Cooper
On the Eighth Day
Napoleon planned to invade England by means of a tunnel under the English Channel. A wild dream. But two centuries later the Channel Tunnel exists, ... ( more..)
Ann Walker
Living Tarot
Have you ever wondered if Tarot cards could help you? Have you ever wanted to know more about them before you commit yourself to a reading, or if ... ( more..)
Ann Walker
The Intuitive Journey
Ann Walker shows us how to develop our intuition and the latent abilities we need in our spiritual journey through life.
She illuminates the ... ( more..)
Ann Walker
The Mystic Life of Animals
ESP and telepathic imagery are well documented phenomena in the human world. Now we have the same communication, unbound by language, with our ... ( more..)
Ann Walker
Your Talking Pet
We all realise our pets are listening, we sometimes suspect they understand, but could they be answering back? Could we be the weak link in ... ( more..)
April Hersey
The Craftsman
Asia Connaught and her young brother Sun have arranged to meet their mother, Daisy, at a craft fair in Austria. But when they arrive, Daisy is ... ( more..)
Astrid Fiano
Solitary Man
Gabriel is a thirty-something New York private investigator, and no stranger to the damage humans can inflict on one another. His search for the ... ( more..)
Bevan McGuiness
Teaching Daedalus
To his high school students, Mr Monk is a good teacher, but just a teacher - never young, never affected by tragedy, never capable of ... ( more..)
Brian Kavanagh
Capable of Murder
When Belinda Lawrence inherits her great-aunt's cottage on the outskirts of Bath, she expects a quiet life in this new neighbourhood. Perhaps a ... ( more..)
Brian Kavanagh
The Embroidered Corpse
Antique dealer Belinda Lawrence can’t interest her associate Hazel Whitby in the ancient scrap of tapestry—or not until its owner is murdered. ... ( more..)
Bryce Stevens
Fear Codex
The Fear Codex is an Australian encyclopaedia of Dark Fantasy & Horror. This is the first reference guide to compile information on both large ... ( more..)
Bryce Stevens
Stalking the Demon
Bryce Stevens' "Stalking the Demon" is an outstanding contribution to horror and science fiction. This collection of stories is an ... ( more..)
D M Kleyn
Richard of England
It has become legend that in 1483 Richard III murdered his nephews, "the Princes in the Tower". In this re-issue of her well known book, ... ( more..)
Darry Fraser
Especially Not Brody
Kate McAuley welcomes any paying guest to her bed-and-breakfast establishment. Any guest but Brody. Especially not Brody. She learnt her lesson with ... ( more..)
Darry Fraser
Trust No Agent
A fast-paced, witty thriller, set in Australia.
For Special Investigator Nolte Harris it was a routine operation. All he had to do was collect ... ( more..)
Don Tait
What Rough Beast
This little satirical fable asks only one question: if Jesus, or his cosmic equivalent, came back for a second look at humanity, would he find a ... ( more..)
Douglas Kalbaugh
The Bitter Wells Dude on the Sweetwater
Scion of a recently bankrupted fortune, young George Henry Frank flees west with his creditors' money. He is soon robbed, broke, and recruited by ... ( more..)
Ethel Webb Bundell
Dancing on the Freeway
Most alcoholics seldom recover, nor do they wish to recover. Like people with other mental conditions, steps towards recovery make life lose its ... ( more..)
Ethel Webb Bundell
God Boxes of Hallidays Reef
When Roz takes up her ministry in a small town, she finds more bigotry and prejudice than she ever expected. She also finds grace, wisdom and ... ( more..)
Ethel Webb Bundell
Looking On on Life
Poetry Collection
narrative ... ( more..)
Ethel Webb Bundell
Tennis With Dogs
"Tennis with Dogs" is a novel about having parents and being a parent. It's about understanding parents before you can begin to understand ... ( more..)
Ethel Webb Bundell
Thursday in the Valley
We are all very good at making bad decisions, at doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, drawing conclusions from insufficient evidence, acting ... ( more..)
Evelyn Burns Robinson
Adoption and Loss
An insight into the emotional and bureaucratic struggle for personal identity. This book is a brave and compelling exploration of both personal ... ( more..)
Geoffrey Richardson
The Hollow Crowns
A guide to the battles of the Wars of the Roses.
This work by Geoffrey Richardson (multi-published author of British history) also incorporates ... ( more..)
Gordon Reid
Deliver Us From Evil
Herbert Petherbridge is an ordinary middle aged man working for a women's lingerie firm when he is accused of raping and murdering a young girl. ... ( more..)
Gordon Reid
Double or Quits
With "Deliver Us From Evil" Gordon Reid proved himself the master of the psychological thriller.

That mastery is displayed again ... ( more..)
Gordon Reid
The Place of Meaning
Literary critics often talk about meaning but few define it, as if they believe that definition can be taken for granted. Rarer than definitions are ... ( more..)
Gwen Belson Taylor
Teacher Teacher
Never tell a teacher, "Aren't you lucky to get such long holidays!" What really does go on in the Staff Room? What's it like for a teacher ... ( more..)
Hamda Lindleton
Isnt Jack in Jail
"Isn't Jack in Jail?" is an allegory of the treatment of women set in a phallocentric civilisation in a fictional ... ( more..)
Herbert Cohen
The Cube Root of Time
On a shelf in CIA agent Dennis Slater’s safe sits a thousand-year-old reliquary — which also contains an American Express card.

The ... ( more..)
Howard Waldman
Back There
Back There is a comic, touching and powerfully nostalgic transatlantic love story. France and the French, so often cliché-ridden subjects, are ... ( more..)
Howard Waldman
Time Travail
Time Travail is a dramatic and sometimes comic account of a dying man's attempt to conquer time and link up with his beloved ... ( more..)
Jean M Brooks
A Woomera Storm
In 1967, Richard, a rocket engineer in Woomera, is devastated when his young wife, Harriet, leaves him, taking taking eight-month-old Sophie with ... ( more..)
Jean M Brooks
The Woomera Trap
Young and naive, Harriet emigrates from England to Australia to marry her penfriend, only to be jilted at the last moment. Stranded in an ... ( more..)
Jennifer Richmond
Half-drowned, the man has no memory. His world now is the island and its lighthouse. His only companions are the 3 women, the Watchers, who in these ... ( more..)
John McKiernan
The Wine of Agamemnon
The press release said “Homeric Palace returns to the earth”. Archaeologists spent four months excavating the remains of a Mycenean palace ... ( more..)
Julia Watts
Mixed Blessings
When the statue of the Virgin Mary at Morgan, Kentucky's tiny Catholic church is seen shedding tears, the small town is thrown into a hilarious ... ( more..)
Leonie Hall
Lucy Armitage
Lucy Armitage is green-eyed, blonde and gorgeous -- and a thief. A very clever cat-burglar.

Inspector Keith Saunders knows the spate of ... ( more..)
Lissa Mitchell
Just Something I Said
Like the chiaroscuro of a fine oil painting, "Just Something I Said" reflects the association between our light and dark sides. An ... ( more..)
Maureen de Vallance
Edies Little Girl
A superbly crafted novella, Edie's Little Girl is Maureen de Vallances' first work of fiction. Unremitting in its portrayal of the closed, ... ( more..)
Nicholas J Ordinans
Home Run
Doug Preston returns home late one night to find his wife, Anne, missing without explanation. When threats and violence follow, Doug hires an ... ( more..)
Paul Musgrove
The Nailing Crew
For young Boston couple Elicia and Harvey Harriman, it seems a gift from heaven when Elicia's reclusive and nearly-forgotten grandmother dies, ... ( more..)
Rick Kennett
13 A Collection of Ghost Stories
Arthur Lewisham peers through the keyhole facing due west. A young gravedigger asks if a cemetery is the best place to hide from the dead. HMAS ... ( more..)
Robert Julien
The Moncrieff Beneficence
Readers have described this mystery/adventure novel as "a rollicking yarn" and "once started, impossible to put down." The story ... ( more..)
Rosanne Dingli
Counting Churches
In this moving collection of stories Rosanne Dingli brings Malta vividly to ... ( more..)
Rosanne Dingli
Death in Malta
An Australian novelist visits Malta, where he stumbles on a mystery. A missing child becomes the subject of his writing, but his investigations are ... ( more..)
Rosanne Dingli
The Astronomers Pig
The linking element in this collection of stories is food. Delicious food. The stories themselves take the reader from Australia to Europe and from ... ( more..)
Rosanne Dingli
The Bookbinders Brother
Rosanne Dingli’s impressive stories bristle with drama, reflect quietly on memories, contemplate the power of nostalgia, and open personal ... ( more..)
Ross Collier
Sink or Swim
Harry Gordon, sports hero and merchant banker, is forced to draw on all his skill and courage to avoid certain ... ( more..)
Ross Collier
The Fenians
When a bomb explodes at the Australian Open tennis tournament, freelance photographer Jack Summers is caught up in the hunt for the bomber. One ... ( more..)
Ross M Duffy
The Lottery of the Law
The author is a former Australian barrister whose 40 years in practice have given him an intimate knowledge of what lurks behind the facade of the ... ( more..)
Roxanna Ryder
Chasing the King
Mark Templer, novelist and musician, eagerly accepts the commission to write a biography of Arthur Pelham, the world's greatest rock guitarist, ... ( more..)
Roxanna Ryder
The Bounty Hunter
Jes Jarldane does not know of the secret power hidden within him, power that will be unleashed when he is sent to track down the Divine-king's ... ( more..)
Ryan Davidson
Jonnos Not Okay
"Jonno's Not Okay" captures the feelings and experiences of a contemporary youth in contemporary Australia, a member of Generation ... ( more..)
Sam Smith
As Recorded
"As Recorded" is the third book in Sam Smith's "Paths of Error" trilogy. The three novels of this trilogy stand independently as ... ( more..)
Sam Smith
Constant Change
"Constant Change" is the second book in Sam Smith's "Paths of Error" trilogy, the first being "Undeclared War". The ... ( more..)
Sam Smith
Undeclared War
"Undeclared War" is the first book in Sam Smith's "Paths of Error" trilogy. The three novels of this trilogy stand independently ... ( more..)
Sherry-Anne Jacobs
An Introduction to Romance Writing
An essential guide and reference work for all writers, whatever their chosen genre. If you're a new or aspiring writer, or just in need of a ... ( more..)
Spiral Lobster
Demae is the ship's philosopher on the techo-organic vessel Janus, a sentient starfaring superorganism, and his relationship with Rain, the team ... ( more..)
Spiral Lobster
On a world where heterosexuality is a crime, and power is maintained by an authoritarian secret government, the arrival of five strangers will plunge ... ( more..)
Steve Austin
Curiouser George
A son of a former president, who has managed to ascend to the most powerful office on earth by means of some unscrupulous campaign ... ( more..)
T L Winslow
Horror High School
In-your-face, clever, funny and moving, "Horror High School" explores the psyches and motivations of two teenagers who massacre their ... ( more..)
T L Winslow
The Ice Cream Man
Some big city in the American west... the summer of 2000, known for its heat. The narrator is a 40-something single never-married bankrupt burned-out ... ( more..)
T L Winslow
Young Howard
The private autobiography of a male lesbian shock-jock is pirated ... or faked ...
Wildly funny, excruciatingly vulgar, erudite and essentially ... ( more..)
T.A.G Hungerford
What Happened to Joseph?
With dazzling ease he moves from prose to poetry, from the ancient past to the present, from the small, absorbing passions of suburbia to the grim ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
A Brush with Death
One of Australia's foremost mystery-thriller writers, Tom Howard's work ‘A Brush with Death’ succeeds in foiling any attempts by ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
A Way of Life
With this novel Tom Howard steps out of the crowded ranks of mystery writers and establishes himself firmly as one of Australia's best ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
All Possible Avenues
Breaking away a little from his usual style, Tom Howard (drawing, one suspects, on his own first work experiences) sets this extraordinary, ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Challenge the Wind
The new Tom Howard!!!

In "Challenge the Wind" Tom Howard takes us back to the Australian film industry of the 1930s and '40s. ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Dead Lucky
In "Dead Lucky" Tom Howard introduces retired P.I Jack Reid in this gripping mystery about death at a TV quiz show. Tom Howard proves yet ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Death at his Private Zoo
DEATH AT HIS PRIVATE ZOO was originally to have been published by Angus and Robertson as a follow-up to Tom Howard's highly successful DEAD LUCKY. To ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Fast Times in Paradise
Where are its terrors? What is there to fear?
Fighting and quarrelling no longer exist. In the Land of Eternity
No man arms himself against ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Hounds and Jackals
Tom Howard has temporarily forsaken the contemporary scene for "Hounds and Jackals". Journeying in his imagination to the ancient land of ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Howards Price
The plot of "Howard's Price" seems to be almost incidental, while Tom Howard gets a chance to pontificate about publishers, agents, ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
Mr Christian and the Bag Lady
A collection of past winning stories in the Tom Howard short story ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
The Beach Front Murders
An attractive young girl murdered in her luxury beach-front apartment ... for the unwilling Sergeant Tom Howard, a bizarre real-life thriller ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
The Health Farm Murders
Tom Howard has set his own stamp on the Australian mystery-writing scene. "The Health Farm Murders" is vintage Howard, and displays all ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
The Last Generation
Tom Howard is one of the world's most original and gripping mystery novelists.
'The Last Generation' grips the reader's attention from the first ... ( more..)
Tom Howard
The Rim of Heaven
"Somewhere out there in the blackness, in the deepest folds of the night-encircled hills, an obscene figure is fleeing along the ridges of the ... ( more..)
Tricia McGill
Blue Haze
Set in and around the penal colony of Botany Bay in the early 1800s, Blue Haze is a story of pride, love, courage and adversity. Isabella O'Shea ... ( more..)
Tricia McGill
Remy OShea
This heartwarming sequel to Blue Haze will delight anyone who enjoys historical romance at its ... ( more..)
Tricia McGill
Thoughts and Feelings
What do you do when your body doesn’t do what you want it to? You have Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease, Emphysema or one of ... ( more..)
Tricia McGill
Traces of Dreams
When everything you love and trust is destroyed by war, you can give up or you can carry on. Alicia’s way is to carry on, and through two wars, ... ( more..)
Tricia McGill
White Clover
Andrew MacAllister's family home in Scotland looks forbidding enough at first glance, but it contains a secret Andrew and his PA Liz never dreamed ... ( more..)
Valdemar Robert Wake
No Ribbons or Medals
No Ribbons or Medals is the story of Bob Wake's work in Naval Intelligence, Commonwealth Investigation Branch, Military Intelligence, Commonwealth ... ( more..)
Werner D Schmidlin
The Lion of the New Dawn
As young men all over the world are searching for role models, this novel looks deeply into one of the sources of our own culture, when being male ... ( more..)

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