What is Fibonacci System in Roulette of Gambling Online and How to Apply

The numbers’ sequence was arranged by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo which was the Italian mathematician who lived in 13th century. Bigollo was the first person who brought the Arabic numeral to the west. If you want to apply this system on Roulette, then you have to apply the sequence of numbers along with the right matching bet that you increase it whenever you lose. For example you bet $1 on this game. When you lose, you must bet $2. When you lose again, you have to bet $3.

If you lose again, you have to bet $5 and so on based on the sequence. It means, the minimum bet you put on the table must be the same like the numbers’ sequence on this game. When you win, you have to go back to $1 again. If you win down the sequence, then you have to cross off the last 2 numbers from that point where you started to win. It means, you need to start from the next number. There is the theory behind this game which is every bet you lost will be recouped by wagering what you lost on the next bet.

It will cover your consecutive lost by moving down and up according to the numbers’ sequence.
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