What is The PokerStars Sunday Million in Gambling Online

If you don’t have the chance to participate in WSOP, then you can search for the gambling online tournament that will pay you big just like WSOP. There are many people want to play poker right in the land-based casino but not all of them have the chance to visit it. That is why, gambling online becomes the perfect choice for them because they can still play poker without visiting the real casino. However, what about the tournament since there are more people want to experience the real poker tournament like WPT or WSOP with the highest payment. You don’t have to worry because there are many online poker tournaments to participate.

Know One of Poker Tournament in Gambling Online, PokerStars Sunday Million

Whether you are still beginners in gambling online or you are the professional, all of you can participate in some of Dewa Poker Online tournaments just like WSOP. It means those tournaments are as big as WSOP and other famous poker tournaments in the world. If you think that you have skill and luck, then you can choose your own tournament and you can participate so you may improve your skill and get much experience from the tournament. The online poker competition offers bug prize.

Some of them are also parts of the history and most of them have their own legendary story. If you want to join the tournament like WSOP, then you can find it here through online version. You just need to play with your own gadget or PC without visiting and staying in Vegas to play the game until the competition is over. There are also some tournaments you don’t need to wait for a year to join since you can also find weekly or monthly tournaments but yearly tournaments will offer more prizes and here is the best online poker tournament in the world:

  • The PokerStars Sunday Million

This event will be held every Sunday and the site to visit is PokerStars with the guaranteed prize is around $1.000.000. Without a doubt at all, this tournament is one of the best Dewa Poker Online tournaments in the world you can play online at This competition could gain the popularity in the recent years right after becoming the most rewarding tournament with the staggering pool of prize which exceeded around $1.3 million. Later, this tournament also gained the fantastic player base that can attract so many people every week to join and play.

Just like the name, the PokerStars tournament will be held on Sundays only without being changed at all. This year, this tournament was already held in April, 2019 and it was the 13th anniversary for this tournament and to celebrate the anniversary, this tournament gave the massive prize in $10 million as the special prize for the champion. It has been gone a long way since the first event in 2006. The first event could attract around 6.000 people.

They have invested around $215 for becoming the crowned champions. Years by years, there are over 5 million people from around the world that have taken and joined the tournament with the prize pools around $750 million since the first tournament. When it comes to the tournament, they have stayed and remained popular and broke the records as well though it is just the online tournament. The biggest tournament of this took place on December, 2011.

That event broke the record for the largest online poker tournament. This weekly event could gather the massive players over 62,000 who built together the staggering $12 million of the prize pool. When you want to be qualified on the game right away, then you can choose the cheapest way to enter the main event by playing on the satellite tournament that will run constantly everyday of a week. By using this way, you can get qualified even with 52 cents. You don’t need to spend much money.

If you want to skip qualification because you don’t want to lose before playing on the real tournament, then you can skip the qualification as well and buy in immediately to invest around $109. Just like other biggest poker tournaments in the world, this competition offers the bounty feature which is placed right away. This tournament was held directly by the largest tournament. Perhaps, this is the first tournament that offers the prize pool for the gambling online game over 1 million and you can directly do the buy in to get into the main event without playing on the qualification at that time.

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